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The CMM software has a full graphical display, so it is visualized, convenient and intelligent. Even without too much experience, you can easily learn to use the software after a few days of training.


◆ Easy for operation


A friendlier, easier user interface has the characteristics of visualization, strong visibility and simple operation.

◆ Powerful Functions

With a pure DMIS kernel, the software meets DMIS standards one hundred percent, and realizes rapid programming on the basis of object measuring and the graphic driving.

◆ Intelligent Measurement and Test

Theoretical elements of the numerical model are recognized, then, measuring programs get built. The functions of path simulation, collision detection and measurement plan improve measurement’s controllability and predictability.

◆ The rich diversity of output reports

The output reports are illustrated.

◆ Hardware Supports

The hardware supports various probes, probe exchange supports, etc.

◆ Laser Scanning Module

The module is always applied to high-speed or high-precision reverse engineering.

◆ Pipe Inspection Module

The module is applied to the inspection of automobile’s pipelines and oil ones.

◆ Gear/Cam Measurement Module

Cylindrical involute gear measurement: Involute helical gear(external gear), involute spur gear(external gear, internal gear). Cam measurement, camshaft measurement.

◆ Blade Analyses Module

Aero-engine blade detection analysis, nuclear blade detection analysis.

◆ Statistic Function

Product quality statistic and analysis.